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How To Configure Modern Player For Android?
  • Download the Modern Player from here
  • Select No in the Firestick Question
  • Put your username and password
  • Put the code
How To Configure XCIPTV?
  • Download XCIPTV Player directly from Google Playstore or from here
  • Put your username and password
  • Put the Portal URL
Whats the Best VPN?

Usually, problems are cause from bad routing of your network not related to speed. A VPN software  can re-route your traffic avoiding congested or bad routing zones giving you a smoother experience. Also, VPN add a layer of security and privacy to the user.

Whats the best VPN?

Theres no sweet exact science for this question. Not all VPN works with all networks. The best way its to download a few of them and see what VPN gives you the best experience. Theres thousand of vpns, free and paid, usually free vpn are not that good but we have obtions like Proton VPN with unlimited traffic and excelent privacy. Also, we put more free VPN on our homepage you can check out.

How To Configure Smarters Pro?
  • Download Smarters Pro Player directly from Google Playstore or from here
  • Select Login With Xtreme Codes API
  • Under the name box you can put anything you desire
  • Put your username and password
  • Put the Portal URL
I have Latency! What Can I Do!?

If you are having a bad experience with buffering it can be related to so many things. What we do in this situation? Simple! We rule things out.

Step 1

Perform a speed test of your internet. If you are receiving the amount of internet speed you are paying for then go to step 2.

Step 2

Are you using your device wireless? If the answer is yes try to use you device connected directly to your modem with an Ethernet cable. If the answer is no please proceed to step 3.

Step 3

Download a VPN Software. Are you still having issues? If the answer is yes please contact support to perform more test. Takes notes of the exact content you having issues with.

Apps for Movies and TV Shows?

We always recommend you avoid free apps and go directly to a paid streaming service. Here are some of the best streaming services in the market:
– Netflix
– Hulu
– Amazon Prime Video

Theres couple free apps like Cinema HD and Cine Latino you can try.

You can download Cinema HD from here